"I want to be know as one of the Cowboys, not just another Cowboy's wife"

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Papa Doug

Doug and Roany, Claremore WRCA Ranch Rodeo
As I open up my blog to take care of some unfinished business.... the Heritage Post is staring at me... waiting for me to finish what my heart was once and is still is loving about the Cowboy Culture ... and that's its Heritage........
Well... I have the music playing on my computer, the 11 songs we played.... the pictures that had been taken.... and his boots setting right in plain sight in the living room..................... So I start in on the hardest blog post I will have to write this far..... As I'm talking to Chris, explaining what I'm writing on this one and what all I'm going to put ....I can't help but notice that the living room clears out fast.... Next thing I hear is my little cowboy crying in his room and the shower starting in the back bath room.... This tells me that I need to close the Blog for today and wait until hearts heal just alittle.......

And come to think about it.... that's not a bad idea.... I am already feeling those warm salty tears run down my checks.....

So....................... a few hours later and my house is empty.... I just can't get this off my brain.... I laid awake in bed last night trying to decided what pictures and stories to put and which ones not to put.... How could I ever decided, each and everyone is special in their own way.... whether it was a good and happy memory or a sad and learning memory....... Well here is what my heart can handle at this point... I'm sure there will be many more Papa Doug stories and post in days to come......

One of my first stories that comes to mind and puts a big smile on my face was the first time I met Doug.... Chris' Aunt Debbie, whom my parents were family friends with wanted to introduce me to her nice shy nephew.... After a fast hello from the Cowboy who never even looked up from the ground long enough for me to really get a look at him, I introduced myself to the older not so shy version of the Cowboy who I had just tried to make eye contact with..... Like I said... Not so shy... so the questions came flowing out.... You like to ride? You rodeo? What do you Do? And after a simple yes, no, yes, no and goat tie answers he was hooked.... He asked me 569 questions on how to tie a goat, about the string I used, the horse I rode.... and anything else he could pull out from that old cowboy hat he was wearing..... By the time I was done answering the interview he had me so unsure, self conscious, and nervous about my self....

For those of you that know Doug, he has a way of doing this to people.....Well, after years and years of learning and loving the older version of the Cowboy, I have learned that all those questions he asked were his way of showing he liked me... and he was asking all the things he really and truly wished his shy younger version would have had the courage to ask.... His intention was never to put the pressure on me.... but instead it was him trying to get to know me...............

So that was the first time I met him..... and so for the next 3 weeks the Shy Cowboy and I were side by side in everything we did..... learning about each others lives....  and making new memories.... One afternoon we stopped by the Shy Cowboy's house to visit his folks and there was the not so shy Older Cowboy... sitting at the kitchen table..... With out any Hello, Hi, How are you all today..... He just went straight for the punch..... "So you all going to get married?".................. after a few seconds of being stunned and not knowing what to say........... we both just laughed....... and he didn't think it was as funny as we did.... "Well, you both like each other, like the same things, I mean it would be silly not to"............................... Same could say you get wiser with age, and man he was so right.... we loved each other, loved the same things, and he was right.................... The Shy Cowboy and I fell in Love and got married!!!!

But before the marriage, and only 6 months into the life of being Shy Cowboy's girlfriend we found out we were going to be parents.............. Scared to death to tell either sets of parents I figured I would tell his first............. My Cowboy had already packed up and headed south to work for a ranch and the plan was for me to move down as soon as high school was out, enjoy the summer together before leaving for college.... hahaha..... funny how plans don't work out sometimes.... Anyways, One evening I stopped by the Older Cowboy and his wonderful wife Roxanne's house, which is Shy Cowboy's Momma..... I didn't even have to say a word, they must have read my scared eyes.... Sitting in his chair, Older Cowboy looks up at me and asked "Are we going to have a Grand baby?"........... My heart skipped a beat and I could no longer breath..... How in the world does Old Cowboy know all of this..... First the marriage thing and now the baby........... After a smile on my face and a head shake yes he reached out and grabbed my hand.......... "Good, I'm Glad........... But what's your plan?"  In a calm and simple voice a I responded "I will come up with a plan as soon as I tell my parents, until then there is no plan".................. With a big smile on his face and a serious look in his eye and told me no matter what happens in life you always have to have a plan. That is something I will hold dear to my heart forever and ever..............

Holding the herd on the Whitmire Ranch with good friend Dwight Bilyk

So life went on, it didn't go as planned when I broke the news to my parents.... so I moved in with the Older Cowboy and Roxanne.... They took me in as their own. I stayed 4 days a week there... because the other 3 days I couldn't stand not being with my Shy Cowboy.

Shy Cowboy, Small Cowboy, and Older Cowboy.... Heritage!!!
Life for the next 12 years were crazy, fast, fun, and learning.................. The Shy Cowboy and I went through alot together.... 2 babies, several nieces and 1 nephew, weddings and funerals, smiles and tears..... lots of moves, lots of horses, lots of boxes... oh sorry I already listed moves... haha....Most of our fun was spent together but there are so many memories with the Older Cowboy as well....  he soon went from Older Cowboy to Papa..... My kids loved him, loved everything about him..... everything from staying the night and eating cold hot dogs wrapped up in a slice of white bread, to the good horses he always had to ride.... and everything in between.
Horse string at SMS, Swenson Ranch, Texas

I can't bore you all with all the stories we shared over the years, but I must make note that I'm the women, mother, wife, and cowgirl because of the man I once called Old Cowboy and now call Dad!! One of our many travels during the years we found our selves making home at the feed lot in Freedom Oklahoma. The Old and Shy Cowboy rode pens in the feedlot in the morning and rode the ranches colts in the afternoon.... which meant there was no time for them to doctor the sick cattle they had pulled...... So they signed me up to run the vet shack and do the doctoring. I knew little about cattle medicines, let alone how to know what give them.... This far my doctoring skills where limited to running a shot in the processing crew or giving a yearling what ever Shy Cowboy told me to get out of his saddle bags.............. Well like most people would, I refused to do a job I know nothing about...... but after a family fight and lots of tears later, Dad told me that sometimes in Life you have to do things you are scared of, not sure of, and or refuse to do. So the next morning, off to the vet shack I went.... Yes he won the battle.... Shy and Old Cowboy gave me a fast run through of what and what not to do and they were off to pull sick cattle............ Well to make short of this story.... I cleaned up the vet shack, babied those sick little cattle, learned all about meds, and enjoyed everyday of it.............. He taught me a lesson in life that I will ever be thankful for, But I never did tell him he was right..... haha
The Older Cowboy was a dieing breed... one of a kind.... old fashioned....true grit kind of Cowboy.... Him and Gus from Lonesome Dove could have been partners.... He loved good horses, pretty girls, grand babies, and the wide open spaces. He traveled light and was always telling us "Don't get use to something you cant have forever"............. Material things were not important... just an ole truck, ugly horse, bedroll and a tee pee was all that this Cowboy would need.... He stopped by the house a month ago to drop off some of his tack and extra gear before heading out west to start some horses for the Broken O's Ranch..... He looked at Shy Cowboy and said "If I cant train them with this saddle and these 2 bridles, then they aren't worth riding"........... and that right there sums up the Older Cowboy!!

I  have only began to tell you what he meant to me..... but there is no way I could ever get this white screen, these small black letters, and these pictures to ever explain what the Older Cowboy meant to the Shy Cowboy.... or what  Papa meant to the Small Cowboys.....

Older Cowboy and his team, Whitmire Ranch

Most men are close to their Dads..... But what the Older Cowboy and the Shy Cowboy had was something  you don't see every day....

Shy Cowboy and Older Cowboy at our wedding

They worked together on several ranches across the country, flanked calves, branded yearlings, and rode more horses then most people see in 100 years......

They had a bond, its hard to explain but for those of you that have seen the pair work together you know what I'm trying to say.....

The word hero is fitting, the word respect is fitting, and the word Cowboy is fitting....

It was a pleasure to set back and watch them start a colt... the Older Cowboy would be on a broke horse and the Shy Cowboy would climb in the saddle on the colt knowing that his father would take care of him.... They could reach the soul of a young horse better then I have ever seen.... the Older Cowboy had a way with horses, the way he looked deep into their eyes.... so deep that he could read what every heart beat was wanting to say... whether it was I'm scared, I want to be your friend, or I want to kick your head off...... No matter the differences in horses, no matter the breeding,.... the Older Cowboy had a way, a feel, and passion for the Horses.....

Showing Horses together, Pryor Oklahoma
2 weeks ago the Older Cowboy passed away and is now in Heaven...............  This was the hardest thing I have ever been through.... The heart break of Shy Cowboy was so sad, maybe I shouldn't call it heart break.  It was as if half of his heart, soul, and passion was taken in a blink of an eye. I stood strong, thinking about the time in the feedlot when the Older Cowboy told me.... "sometimes in Life you have to do things you are scared of, not sure of, and or refuse to do".......... so with that in my heart I held the hand of a broken Cowboy.... a sad Cowboy..... and a Shy Cowboy that wished he could have a few more minutes to tell the Older Cowboy how he loved him, respected him, cherished him, and will forever remember the good times, wild broncs, and the special moments they shared with each other. If the Shy Cowboy could have said what his heart was wanting to.... he would have thanked him for the lessons he has not only thought him, but what he has taught the Small Cowboys.

The day of the service, Shy Cowboy was saddleing Older Cowboy's horse so that our Small Cowboy could lead him to the service.... This would be for Papa's last ride.... As I rounded the barn door I see a tall but broken down Cowboy.... My Shy Cowboy was shaking and crying so hard that he couldnt get his hands to run the latigo through the cinches.... as I step closer to help.... I notice a tear slide down Shy Cowboy's face.... run down the stirrup leather.... and rest in the bottom of Old Cowboy's stirrup.... That tear rested in a spot where so many memories were based.... 

Our Small Cowboy, Colton leading Papa's horse to the service

So the day we laid the Older Cowboy to rest was a day of beauty and sadness..... It is so strange how you can feel so much sadness and joy in one heart beat..... Sadness for knowing you will never see or hear the magic or jingle of the Older Cowboy again.....and the Joy because you know the Older Cowboy lived his life the way he wanted until the day he went to live with Jesus....

So when planning for the final day we came across the song "Weakness"...... it was so fitting.... maybe they should have just called it the song about the "Older Cowboy"
Lived my life as a hired man,
Lived the life of a working man,
Lived the life of a gypsy too,
Lived the life of a drunkin fool,
I got a weakness for those ole sway backed horses,
Pretty girls and fine guitars,
Fancy cars and dirty bars,
Theses hands they built mansions,
They built cow standsions,
Rode a many mile or two,
and layed down in a bed or two,
Have a weakness for them kid loving horses,
Pretty girls and fine guitars,
Fancy cars and dirty bars,
These hands ride the rough stock,
Punched post wholes through hard rock,
They wont ever be cruel to you,
Unless you ask them to,
Got a weakness for them hard bucking horses,
Pretty girls and fine guitars,
Fancy cars and dirty bars,
These hands go on the cell block,
Peel coyotes into tight bagged knots,
Tickled a gaitar tune,
But that ain't all they'll do,
Got a weakness for them fast running horses,
Pretty girls and fine guitars,
Fancy cars and dirty bars,
Its a long ways from over,
I see a field of four leaf clover,
Money has always came hard for me,
But that wont always be,
I got a weakness for those ole sway backed horses,
Pretty girls and fine guitars,
Fancy cars and dirty bars,
Pretty girls, my little Martin guitar,
Antique cars and cowboy bars,
I like them new born baby calves,
Weaning time when the moon is at half,
Hungry cows on them cold cold days,
A trip to town when you just get paid,
Fitting saddle and some well worn tack,
Fitting boots and my old felt hat,
Got a weakness for them ole sway backed horses,
Pretty girls and fine guitars,
Fancy cars and dirty bars,
Older Cowboy's Last ride....

It was a wonderful service..... Cowboy Hats.... Horses... and Wagons.......

Someone said...."Today is a day they lay one of the many legendary cowboys of the Osage country to rest.He will not be forgotten and I'm sure will be the source for many smile's and laughs thru conversation for many years to come.Rest in Peace Doug Potter :)"

"Well if you was in need of a cowboy at around 10 o'clock this mornin any where near the Osage country you was S.O.L. cause they was all congregated around a little church in the heart of the Osage in Foraker Ok. to lay to rest a good cowboy and father who was taken home way to soon.It was a wonderful service and a proper send off for a Top Hand."

I don't think I have ever seen so many tears roll off the dirty checks under those cowboy hats..... tears from old wise cowboys and tears from young an crazy hearted small cowboys....

He had many names...... Doug, Dad, Older Cowboy, but ..... Papa Doug is a name many called him!! This is another song we had played..... so fitting!!!

He wore starched white shirts buttoned at the neck,
And he'd sit in the shade and watch the chickens peck.
And his teeth were gone, but what the heck,
I thought that he walked on water.

He said he was a cowboy when he was young.
He could handle a rope and he was good with a gun.
And my mama's daddy was his oldest son,--
And I thought that he walked on water. 

If the story's told, only heaven knows.
But his hat seemed to me like an old halo.
And although his wings, they were never seen.
I thought that he walked on water.

Then he tied a cord to the end of a mop,
And said, "Son, here's a pony, keep her at a trot."
And I'd ride in circles while he laughed a lot.
Then I'd flop down beside him.

And he was ninety years old in sixty-three
And I loved him and he loved me.
And lord, I cried the day he died,

'cause I thought that he walked on water.

If the story's told, only heaven knows.
But his hat seemed to me like an old halo.
And although his wings, they were never seen.
I thought that he walked on water.

So long live the  Older Cowboy, and long live the Legendary Papa Doug...

Friday, July 20, 2012


lots of people look the same from generation to generation..... and lots of folks call them several things like.... "look a like" ...
"two of a kind".... "peas in a pod"... well have you ever really sat back to watch and learn why they look so much a like???

At cow camp this spring I got the chance to be around several father son, father daughter, and 3 generations of families. Just like most families, you could see lots of resemblance from Grandpa to Grand Son, and Great Grandpas to Grand Daughters......... From the wrinkles in their smiles, to the twinkle in their eyes..... from the callous on their hands to the wear in their boots...

Why do you think this is?? There is new blood mixed at each generation.....


That's what comes to mind..... Little boys always want to look the same, walk the same, and ride the same as their Daddy...
Well there ya go!!

Lots of looks can be passed on, but its not all in the looks... its in their actions... the way they carry a rope, sit a horse, manners towards a lady (which start with Momma), and the way they take pride in their gear.  These are things that young cowboys spend hours on hours.... even days onto years practicing..... Kind of brings a smile to my face thinking about all the little ones I have watched over the years learn to spit, not that they needed to but their Daddy just did, so that must mean they should..... You know just the same as any kid would watch and study their Super Hero.... they learn all their actions inside and out.... well by the looks of these photos below you can tell who the Heroes are.....

Here are a few of the families we worked with this spring... Thank you to each and everyone of the Grand Fathers, Fathers, and kiddos who let me learn something from their family heritage.....

Chris and Colton Potter

David Chambers and his girlies, Liz and Jack
Kate, Charley, and Lee Chambers

Tyler and Ace Bowman
Heston and Steve Perkins
Tim and Clayton Zibell

They say pictures are worth a thousand words......
Well let these pictures tell the stories.....

Thursday, June 7, 2012



Little things we do day in and day out with out even thinking about it....
  • picking up a cup
  • brushing our teeth
  • buttoning our pants
  • opening a can of pop

Then there is the list of things that Cowboys do every day with a little thought....
  • saddling a horse
  • making a loop in your rope
  • stopping to open a gate....

Meet Tyler... If there was a human definition for DETERMINATION.... it would say proud, simple and in bold letters

Young man in years...... Adult in try, heart and hope!!

At the young age of almost 17, Tyler was in a electrical accident... being outside and working like a dog were Tyler's favorite things to do... well for that matter they still are!! Spraying weeds on the wide open prairie on a 4-wheeler enjoying a nice day will for ever be in his soul....

After months and months in the hospital, Tyler was sent home to live life as best as he could with no arms and short a toe or two..... Feeling sorry for him self and sitting around wondering why me... were not something he did.... Instead he figured out how to rig up everything on the place so that he could go on with what he would soon know as everyday life with both arms being prosthetic
... and when I say rig... I mean Cowboy Rig... Everything...
  • leather strips on his zippers
  • bridle reins now have a handy little gripper on them
  • ropes shortened with no coils to get in the way
  • cell phone rigged for a quick grab when the girls start texting... yes he even text messages..

High School, College Student, Excellent Shooter-Hunter and Crazy Ass ATV Driver are just a few of his life achievements..... but being a great COWBOY has got to be at the top of the list!!

I have had the pleasure of working with Tyler several times... riding with him, having him ride behind me in a big gathering or heck even in a wreck is a pleasure... He is there every time!!!

In the branding pen Tyler takes his turn roping just like all the cowboys..... Getting his gear all just right, which includes the reins in the mouth and loop in hand he gives us all a run for our money!!! With misses few and far between... rebuilding a loop is still a challenge... But not to this Cowboy.... It is an honor to run into the herd and rebuild for him... but you better be quick or he will have already beat ya to it by snaggin it on his boot toe or the saddle horn and sliding the slack through.

I'm thankful for the chance to work with such a great young man, kind hearted, and who is grateful for everything he has.... I'm so proud that my kids have the chance to work around such a great roll model..... I was one proud Momma when Colton ran into the branding pen to help Tyler with his rope and made it his job there on out....

As most of us get caught up in life and we all feel sorry for our selves every now and then.... Working with Tyler will have you feeling guilty in about 30 seconds.....

So THANK YOU Tyler for being such a example in Life and reminding me of the small things... even if it is wrapping up a burrito at Cow Camp.... Its my pleasure to make you as many burritos as your skinny ass can eat!!!...

So, enjoy the big things in life........... but never forget the small things!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

What Money Can't Buy....

Life Lessons
Best Friends
Feeling of Being Loved

Just to name a few things that money can't buy.


That is something that can't be bought, but with TIME you can make all the other things I listed happen. With Time you will learn Life Lessons, with Time you make Best Friends, with Time your heart can feel the warmth of being Loved, with Time Family becomes closer, and Memories come from someone special in your life giving you just a little bit of their TIME.

We are very grateful to live a life where we can spend time together, to raise our kids, and take the time to teach them along the way. Its not because of luck or anything in that nature. It doesn't come cheap. It doesn't come with out sacrifices. There are things I dream about having..... a place of our own, nice fancy things, a bank account full of money..... But at the end of the day when I set back to give thanks for all the blessings in my life its hard to imagine the days with out......

Brushing Carlee's hair before school each morning

Being here when Chris stops by for a glass of tea

Watching the kids jump off the school bus and run to catch them a horse

Making goodies and helping at the school parties

Spending the extra time to teach Colt his school lessons

Seeing the smile on the little ranch kid faces when we show up to shoe their horse and to hear them say
"You want to come see my baby chicken eggs?"

The list of reasons why I love Chris so much is endless, but at the top of the list is his willingness to give his Time. When we first met I didn't have a clue about the ranching life, heck I was a rodeo hand. But after long hours in the feed truck.... 159,873,421 questions answered by a man that could go ALL day with out saying ONE word.... and lots of funny looks over the years I'm starting to learn some. Only because he gave me a minute... or two.... okay a lot of minutes.... even years!!

Colton draggin with the big boys.

It didn't stop with me. Now I get the chance to see him teach Colton and Carlee. He has been taking them with him since the day they were out of diapers. Six days out of seven you would see him with 2 horses in the trailer..... one packing a big saddle and the other packing a saddle in which the stirrups didn't make it past the saddle pad. It has always bugged him to hear other men talk about not having the time to take their kids or their kids being 10 and just now getting to tag a long.  Lots of time it will take him twice as long to do something just for the simple reason he has to explain himself 100 times or for the fact that he let them try it first before showing them the best way of doing it..... 

Fred's first time to drags calves...... Chris is in there making sure everything is just right with the rope, horse, calf, and all those pretty little fingers while she dallies

Colton riding Midget for the first time, no joke... Chris was nervous too.
 Talk about make a Momma's heart melt in a hurry..... Nothing beats the look on a Dad's face when his son is scared to death to get on a colt and he assures him that everything will be okay..... and with in 10 minutes they are moving around the round pen as if they had been partners for years. All it took was a little TIME..... time to teach the importance of a colt, time to teach how to ride and handle a young horse, and time to teach how to trust someone.

Along with our kids there are several others that have touched our lives as we have theirs.
Here is Jack...... Jack, along with her family hold a very special place in our hearts. Both young families with the desire to keep the ranching heritage in the family. But for Jack's family.... Her Daddy has his work cut out for him, Jack has two older sisters and NO brothers. So long live the Cowgirls. Jack and Chris go way back, for the last 3 years she has been trying to get Chris to shoe her horse. Just so happens that the horse Jack has been riding never gets shoes, BUT she has now upgraded to another horse and he gets shoes.... Talk about a PROUD moment for her..... She has stood beside, underneath, got shoes, counted nails, and held horses for Chris.... Now its her TIME!!! This is something neither of them will ever forget..... even over time.

There are several people in my life that made me who I am because of the money they didn't give me, for the things they didn't buy me.... Most importantly it was the Time they invested in me. That is something I couldn't ever replace or buy more of. So as you plan out your day, think about someone that has given to you or maybe even someone that you could give to... Never know, your TIME might just change their life forever.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Colton and Papa Doug.
Timeless you might say!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Many of us have a place we call  'Home'..... or a 'Home away for Home'.  We have a home, no matter how far away in the miles...we are never far away from in our hearts. Chris and I have only been married 10 years, but about 8 of the 10 years we have lived around the Pawhuska area.... got married on a ranch there, had kids around there, grew as a couple there, started our own cow herd there, and most importantly raised our children on some of the best ranches there. Although we are an hour away, it just seems right to still call it our 'home'.

This week we will take our children back home with us and expose them to a new memory in life.  A funeral. As parents we have decided in the past that they were not quite old enough to understand the reason or the meaning of a funeral, but we now feel in our hearts it is time to teach them how to show respect for someone that was very important in their childhood.

Tom and His wife Genni (Genni and Carlee were just best of buds)

Tom Drummond is someone that our family will never forget. His gravel voice mixed with his soft heart always had the kids second guessing whether they were in the wrong or in the right...

I always remembered people talking about Tom and how hard he was to get along with... With that in mind the first day I went to day work with Chris over there I was just alittle nervous. Without alot to say (ya, can you imagine that) I found myself a job counting cattle off the scale all day long, with Tom over seeing me from the scale house. Before I knew it he was asking about the kids and life in general..... That day Tom made a joke towards me and with out thinking I dished it right back to him, from there on out we had alot of fun. Chris often said people just didn't know how to take him.

Chris learned alot while working for Tom, most importantly he learned how to stand up for himself and his ideas all while respecting his boss. They didn't always see eye to eye, but not everybody does. Over time Tom gained a world of respect or Chris, as Chris did the same for him. Almost everyday Chris went to work he had one if not both of the kids (at this time I worked part time in town). For some reason or the other if the kids were not with us..... Tom was the first to ask where they were. There never was a question when it was work time or family time, Tom believed the little ones needed to be out there learning how to work. Our kids learned many lessons on his ranch and will have memories and stories to remember for the rest of their lives.

He wasn't just a boss.... not sure how to explain it, but he was there for Chris to grow. Not sure if it was on purpose or not but he was there to teach, help make mistakes, help on how to run an outfit............And I wont ever forget the day he sat us down to lend advise on our own first big cattle deal. That day he told us he was proud of us! That meant the world to two young scared kids that were fixing to drop their entire life savings into a load of cattle.... He checked on the deal all summer long, up until the day we sold the cattle.
Tom at the Finals with many of our friends and family
We rodeod really hard for 2 years under the name Sweetwater Cattle Company and Tom Drummond Ranches, we did this with pride at every rodeo... not just the big ones, but them all. Tom made the trip to Amarillo the year they guys won the WRCA World Championship, he set proud in the grand stands as our guys cleaned house and set arena records. He left Sunday afternoon before they announced the winners, but I promise you he was on the phone with in minutes to tell Chris how proud he was of them and Good Job. He hosted a Christmas/Congrats party shortly after we all got back. It was a great time with good friends and day workers of the ranch!

Chris and the crew at the party!
 We have now moved on in life, and so has Tom.... He is someone that will never be forgotten and we will always be thankful to him for letting us start the foundation of our lives and our children's lives on his ranch. Our kids will always remember that gruffy voice, all the hot diet coke, and donuts!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flash Back on 2011

2011 brought many great memories that I will keep in our hearts forever....... There are WAY too many to list, so here are just a few of my favorites.....

The move and 8 months of living in a 1 bedroom rock house.......The new place.... Drummond Land and Cattle, Warrren Ranch... Chris and I have help build everything from the ground up... and when I say everything.... lol.... I mean everything.... And of course we are still working on it!
Meet Miss Hailey....My Brother Brian and His wife Tammy welcomed a baby girl into the world in early December 2010.. Yes I'm that far behind on this blog, but she is close enough to 2012... I figured I would make a special spot for her...And of course she is 13 months old now,  running around and talking like a BIG kid and all......    

Miss Fred, the Bronc Rider......... 

Bronc Rider Fred, Miss Fred has kinda started liking the Bucking Horse thing.... She and her Dad have alot in common.... As for me and Colt we will just ride the broke horses...... These Pictures are from Cedervale Ks.... She was riding the horse they called "Snake Eyes"... she did really good until she tried to fan him with her hat... Uncle Brian and Chris were the pick up man... and Uncle Brain's horse stepped on her on their way by.... One tuff little Cookie

Daddy Daughter Dance....

Chris and Carlee had a big time date planned for the Daddy Daughter Dance here in town, just so happened that Cousin Emma came to see us and decided she want to go too.  After a fast trip to town for a dress, some shoes, and flowers for both girls..... they were ready to hit the town...... Only making the dance (or Princess Party as Emma called it)for 30 minutes... Carlee got very sick and they had to call it a night..... Everyone ended up getting sick over the deal, even Emma who took it back home to her little sister Ellie.....

Rodeos Rodeos Rodeos........... Besides shipping and processing cattle, shoeing horses, and building on the new place you will find us chasing the white lines on the highway heading to a Rodeo... Or eating sunflower seeds at 3:00 in the morning trying to stay awake on the trip home!!

Chris and good friend Tyler Bode, Roping at Latham Ks Ranch Rodeo..... the Guys tied in the Average for 3rd and 4th....... They had a foot/horse run off for a tie breaker......... Brother Brian ran for our team...

 Just so happened that the other team's runner was a good friend we all rodeoed with in High School.... "On your mark get set GO"...... Stride for Stride.... they both made it to their horse's at the same time.... At the End Brian got out ran.... but it was a photo finish and a good time for everybody!!

Chris and Carlee got asked to ride Broncs at the Wild West Show in Dewey, Ok...... Our friend Shannon took this picture. It is such a neat place... everything is old time there..... from the fence, to the speakers, and to the grass arena..... makes for a great picture!!

Log book of a Rodeo Hand........
Talking about chasing white lines and getting a big nasty lip from eating too many sunflower seeds..... Boy this picture here brings back all the memories........ Mid July... the Women's Ranch Rodeo Assoc always has a rodeo in Hillsboro Ks.... Well there were several of us girls that decided to jump in together to save fuel...... matters of fact there were 6 cowgirls, 6 horses and members to 4 different teams!!! It was a good time and just so happened that Chris had a rodeo in the other part of the state that night... not to mention we had to ship cattle for Bass Brothers the next morning............ With a good map and a little luck we happen to meet at the gravel road that runs right to the pens we where shipping at the next morning, at the SAME time..... which was 2:30 am.... yep we made it with an hour to spare..... that was one of many short rodeo nights over the summer!! 

Boys and their Toys.....Trent came to stay with us most of the summer.... He is such a hard worker and loves the cowboy way of life..... He had been wanting his own saddle for a long time..... after putting all the money he had been saving together with a little help from Chris, he was able to order one.... You should have seen the look on his face when the UPS man pulled up.... Ya, he screamed like a little girl... "My saddle is here guys, My sadddle"...... Him and Colt worked on it for hours into the evening!!!

Here I am........... Enjoying the new head wraps that I feel in LOVE with over the summer..... Not sure if I love these or a ball cap more ??...... uummm that is a tough one!! I also got a new car this summer which I love so much.... Man I sure do use the word LOVE alot..... That must mean one thing and one thing only........ I LOVE my LIFE 
OCA Range Round Up................ Chris went with the ranch to the WRCA Ranch Rodeo in Oklahoma City..... Drummond Land and Cattle were the 2011 Champs!! Amarillo here we come!!! This was a fun filled weekend for everyone... We all showed our horses in the Ranch Horse Show, the kids and I won our classes and got a set of nice prizes!
OCA Top Hand...... From the Drummond Land and Cattle.... Mr. Chris Potter....... Once again I LOVE this moment in time, I will forever have it stored away in my heart..... I had him picked out among the other 60 cowboys... but what wife wouldn't..... okay not every wife would... but I did...                                        Carlee won the Donkey Riding Contest too............ 2nd year in a row! But the most important thing is, she beat all the BOYS!!

Cowboys on Main Street...... Here is Colton and Lakyn riding Walnut down town Cedervale America..... I  just Love, ya once again.. LOVE small towns. Look real close you can she that Miss Lakyn doesn't have any shoes on... then look again real close, they are in Colton's saddle bags.... He was tired of jacking with them!!! Poor baby, it doesn't look like it bothered her much!

Rockin' P Girls............Here we are at the Finals in Amarillo Texas, we sure are a good looking crew if you ask me... well the other 3 are anyways... yes I must add here that I LOVE these ladies!! lori was a new member to the team at finals, but did one hell of a job... in return we have MADE her apart of the Rockin' P team (hope she is okay with that)... 2011 was a great year for us ladies, we had a great finals, won many prizes and lots of money... but the best part of it all was walking away with the 2011 WRRA Finals Champion Title with my best friends...... Now the is LOVE!!!

And while Im in the subject of champions..... look at this group of happy outlaws... Chris and the guys (Rick White, Ray Blasi, and Brother Brian) traveled all over Oklahoma and Kansas for a Saddle Series deal... It was a great time and of course came down to the last event of the Finals....
They WON!!! That makes saddle #2 for my great, wonderful and handsome Hubby for the year!!

Next is WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo............
This is one of my most favorite times of the year....we get to see lots and lots of rodeo friends, do a little shopping, kids get to show their horses and of course RODEO...

This is a picture taken by a lady who was so very kind to send it to me on facebook along with several of the kids showing their horses.... It was so very nice of her!!

I must say I LOVE... haha Ya, I LOVE this picture!

As Chris' Aunt Linda would say "Eat your hearts out ladies, this Cowboy Chris is Mine"..... hahaha!!!

And there is ALWAYS time for alittle FUN!!! Colton and Carlee played at the pool with the ranch kids everyday we were out there.... They all had so much fun and are growing so close as friends... when you work and play together that is kinda just what happens!!

 Cant Forget about Family Picture Time........

Well I hope you had just as much fun as I did in 2011....................There are many more memories then this... these are just the few that I had a picture of and or were some of my yearly favorites! I hold all memories close to my heart, as one is not any more special then the other one........... I hope that you LOVE your life as much as I LOVE mine!!!
Blessings in 2012...